Thunderin' John Gravestone

By: Nick wedig  On: Tue 19 of May, 2009 19:23 EDT  (2166 Reads)
Time travellin' cowboy wizard

Jingle Bell Rot

By: Alan Wesley  On: Mon 16 of Feb., 2009 00:30 EST  (1967 Reads)
Performed by Skedlin
To the tune of "Jingle Bell Rock," with apologies to Bobby Helms

Songs of Praise, Things of Beauty

By: J.S. Laslo  On: Mon 16 of Feb., 2009 00:02 EST  (1288 Reads)
LAZ's latest submission is the story of a Nuartan wizard, seeking to atone for sins committed in the final days of magocracy in Irelia. A haunting and poignant tale. A prelude to his forthcoming Irelian cycle.

Seeds of Destruction

By: J.S. Laslo  On: Sun 15 of Feb., 2009 23:59 EST  (1376 Reads)
The first part of a lengthy and complex narrative by Laz, Seeds of Destruction lays the foundations of a tale of darkness and betrayal in Irelia through the stories of two former Laz PCs, Bull Dunham of the Dreambook Group and Aragaon Saraman of 2nd Group, as well as the High Theocrat, Laz's own Seven Bards, and Langdon Kruz, the protagonist of "Songs of Praise, Things of Beauty". Note that not all the events of this story are canonically correct, but they represent a possible chain of events leading to the same ending.

Plon Save the Baron

By: Justin Cryder  On: Sun 15 of Feb., 2009 23:58 EST  (1234 Reads)

Mixed Magics

By: J.S. Laslo  On: Sun 15 of Feb., 2009 23:48 EST  (1378 Reads)

This tale, the first Kaerithian short story, follows the Greenseeker esper Kelen Daris (a character never before seen in any campaign) as he encounters a mysterious and unnatural force of evil in the wilds of Ganlay.

Four Walls

By: J.S. Laslo  On: Sun 15 of Feb., 2009 23:46 EST  (1315 Reads)

Editing by Adam Wells Davis.

This short, chilling tale chronicles the thoughts of a hapless prisoner in the dungeons of Baron Randolph as he plots a final act of defiance.

The Flamekeeper's Daughter

By: Stacie Davis  On: Sun 15 of Feb., 2009 23:42 EST  (1442 Reads)

Editing/Footnotes by Adam Davis

Those who RP on Kaerith are probably familiar with Flontara the Red, the insane fire elementalist who met up with Second Group in Talagran, but not much is known about her and her background. This story, part of a larger work in progress, is the story of Flontara’s origins and her latest adventures—a dangerous espionage mission to Irelia that brings back a lot of bad memories. The story intersects with a lot of Second Group’s exploits, and parallels it in other places. This prologue to the tale tells the story of the Colosseum in Talagran from the standpoint of Flontara and Tagnox the Wemic.

The Walkers

By: J.S. Laslo  On: Sun 15 of Feb., 2009 23:33 EST  (1376 Reads)

This mysterious story, while not technically set on Kaerith but primarily involving Kaerithian characters, tells of a meeting between two unusual planeswalkers. The tale hints at larger things to come, and reveals some surprising secrets about a few of Laz's more inscrutable PCs.

The Rina Limerick

By: Adam & Stacie Davis, Jason Laprade, and Beth Stoessel  On: Sun 15 of Feb., 2009 01:45 EST  (1320 Reads)
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