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Lost Group

Over the years, we've run a lot of campaigns outside the official groups. Some have been temporary campaigns intended to pass the time in circumstances where the regular groups couldn't meet; some have been experiments in character or group concept; some have been one-shots or campaigns which died off after a few sessions. At the present, none of the campaigns listed below are active. Here is as complete a record as I can assemble of the campaigns which have come and gone; others may have existed and fallen by the wayside. Let me know of any which have been forgotten.

Also listed here, as a matter of trivia, are those campaigns and characters which were created, but never quite got off the ground. Some were just never introduced to play; some were played once and never taken up again. Once again, if you have a lost character to add, let me know.

Lost characters are seldom forsaken forever. If you ever want to take up such a character again or simply embellish its place here with a bio, fiction, or other addition, or if you want me to breathe new life into them as an NPC, just send your ideas along.

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