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Third Group

3rd Group was a campaign that began as an experiment in “alternative gaming.” Intended to be role-playing intensive and exploratory, each participant was encouraged to create odd and quirky characters, resulting in perhaps the most mismatched adventuring party Galon has ever seen. 3rd group was set on the Cunnott Peninsula in the year 680 PD, five years before 1st Group ever left Silvercloud. Their adventures tended to be dark, moody, and very supernatural in nature; the campaign was similar to our Halloween sessions even under normal circumstances. The group has not traveled widely and has had few adventures, primarily due to infrequency of gaming sessions. 3rd Group was officially dissolved by mutual agreement of its players in early 2000, but this site remains as a memorial to its short but interesting history.

Active PC's

Name Race Occupation Home
Gilgafalafalanthisis aka “GylphGnome Illusionist/Thief Unknown
Caelie Human Cleric of Teirtu Unknown
Greynor Dragonbrande Human Paladin of Ceridwah Gregora
Rev Mace Hammerhand Dwarf Cleric of Nerot Nass Karok, Nerokarot
Solarius Lonlowynn Elf Air Elementalist Elemental Plane of Air
Thorton Krane Human Cleric of Porendasar Crinon Iral, Gregora

Former PCs

Name Race Occupation Home Current Status
Ambrosia Starfighter Half-elf Amazon Warrior/Mage Amazon Islands Returned to homeland
Dr. Renee Aberjonois Human Cleric of Selene Moors of Endymion Gregora Murdered by Gylph/Thorton/Lord of the Ekimmu and now haunts a small town as an undead apparition

Notable Cameos

Name Race Occupation Home
Tyconderoga Sampsonite Human Mage Ghantra City, Ghantra, Kaerith

Further Information

Missing Information

  • Session Updates
  • Allies and Enemies
  • Localities
  • Group fiction
  • Whatever Happened to 3rd Group? (character histories post-disbanding)

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