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Solo Characters


Over the years, we've run a lot of solo characters. Most of them have been various LAZ experiments, but Paul, Steve, Justin, Stacie, and Kristin have all run soloists of their own at various points in time. A few have been breakaways from the official campaigns (with one, Gideon, being imported from LAZ's world of Ronlin), or guest-stars in those campaigns, but most were created and run solely as soloists. None of these characters are active at present, but could conceivably be at some point in the future. Several characters in the official campaigns began their careers as short-term soloists, even if only for five minutes, before meeting the rest of the group they joined; those interim soloists have not been included here. At least one of these characters (Tyke) later rejoined his original campaign after a solo period. Here is as complete a record as I can assemble of the solo characters I've DMed; others may have existed and fallen by the wayside. Let me know of any which have been forgotten.

Anah Panzare

This female paladin of Selene was a Galon character run by Jason Greenwald over the course of a few years in high school. Anah was active in the city of Blue Dragon's Eye in Arenmere, where she fought a band of mephits (led by a powerful shadow mephit) who were lairing under the city and striking out at its gemstone trade. She is presumably still fighting them there, as the campaign, like most solos, never officially concluded.

Aragon Silmaron Saramon

Aragon Saramon
LAZ's mad bard began as part of 2nd Group, but gradually became aliented from his allies as his insanity and interest in the necromantic arts deepened. Ultimately, he broke with the group after an incident in which he created a number of undead mice and rats and turned them against his former friends and a small village in eastern New Braghney. He was eventually captured and turned over to an asylum in Irelia, but was recruited by a mysterious elf called Greenscale to join the Select, the shadowy secret order of arcane spellcasters and inhuman creatures apparently given sanction to operate in Irelia. Aragon has since been sighted by 2nd Group on several occasions, but never caught, and his current whereabouts are unknown. His adventures have taken him to a wide variety of places, including the world of Ronlin (DMed by LAZ) and a brief excursion to Earth.

Big Jule

This character from the musical Guys and Dolls was played briefly on Galon by LAZ, who wanted an opportunity to play him after being unable to do so in real life. Big Jule attempted to break into the gangster's market of Galon, but attracted the attention of Sycron, who was very interested in his 1950s firearms. Big Jule vanished from Highmoon, presumably returning to the pages of his original script, and Sycron occasionally shows the semiautomatic pistol to guests.

Drewcatch the Useless

Drewcatch was another LAZ solo character, played briefly in high school during band practices (the baritone section had a lot of downtime). He was a Kaerithian imp who had minor spellcasting abilities, a pair of sunglasses, and a ring of monarch butterfly control. Unfortunately, neither LAZ nor I recall anything else about his activities.

"First-level" Joe

The most notorious of people, being completely average at every single thing in the world. (His abilities are all 9 or 12, depending on the system), but has one major happening. He discovered the elusive Bush Elf, the gullydwarves of the Elven Family. [bio by LAZ]


Flontara the Red

Flontara Solo NPCs

  • Baron Randolph Stormslayer
  • Rex
  • General Armand Stormslayer
  • Nightingale
  • Henri Telesco, junior spy from Ghantra
  • Rebecca Tale, junior spy from Ghantra
  • Dame Sybil Narelius, Calandian ambassador to Irelia
  • Sir Tiberius Gretterlow, Calandian ambassador to Irelia
  • Cassius Aeolus, steward of the Calandian embassy in Blackmoor
  • Gerta, head cook at the Calandian embassy in Blackmoor
  • Annie, child of a servant at the Calandian embassy
  • Karl, child of a servant at the Calandian embassy
  • Timby, orphan being raised at the Calandian embassy
  • Father Simon Flameseeker, Britigine priest
  • Father Rinceon Bowbreaker, Britigine priest
  • Father Goodman Bowlin, also known as Father Garlic, Britigine priest, exorcist, and unofficial head of the Blackmoor temple
  • Mother Narene, Britigine priestess
  • Mother Lyra, Britigine priestess
  • Marquis Alexis Stormslayer
  • Sir Claude Brandystock, Ghantran ambassador to Irelia
  • Sir Trudeau Brandystock, esper and Claude Brandystock's son
  • Dame Emily Suncrest
  • Sir Borogrove Sculler, Tedroxian ambassador to Irelia
  • Sir Walton Sculler, Borogrove Sculler's halfwit son
  • Augustus Seranil, presiding over the western half of Irelia
  • — Lorinil, head of the Nethenist Church in Blackmoor, an infirm old man
  • Rian Deranil, also known as “Ironhead” and known for his tough negotiation skills
  • Angmar Bluestone, esper in service to the Tedroxian embassy (deceased)
  • (Orcish warpriest) (presumed deceased)
  • Zog, doppelganger (deceased)
  • (Orcish ambassador to Blackmoor)
  • Mr. Butterhill, halfling slave
  • Rupert, halfling naughty fellow
  • The Calandian Cultural and Historical Society of Blackmoor
  • Skalik, Angmar Bluestone's former apprentice
  • Ascalin Neverborn, Nethenist stormraiser and necromancer
  • Talla Neverborn, Ascalin's wife and admirer of the macabre
  • Petrelius Coinforger, emissary from Santo Denora
  • —, former Bernish ambassador to Irelia (in hiding)
  • —, Grand Inquisitor to the Nethenist Church
  • Remos, a mysterious shadow mage (presumed deceased)
  • Dref, a mysterious undead creature (presumed deceased)
  • —, an innkeeper at — in Luprecinia
  • Mrs. —, —'s wife
  • Master Tarlangopanthus, gnome and sage at the Great Library of Luprecinia
  • The Luprecinian Lovelies
  • (Priests and priestesses at the Crypt of the Sun)
  • Septimus, a cabinetmaker
  • Omri, Calandian actor at the Frost Theatre
  • Madame Lily Frost, theatre owner and head of the Players Frost
  • Master Julius Frost, theatre owner and head of the Players Frost
  • Bernadette, actress and employee at the Frost Theatre
  • Angelo and Olin, twin actors at the Frost Theatre
  • —, captain of the Consular Guard in Santo Denora
  • Duke — si Redgrave, Baron-in-exile of Irelia
  • Stefan Redgrave, eldest son of —
  • Wenceslas Redgrave, wizard and youngest son of —
  • — Redgrave, wife of —
  • Raken, innkeeper at the Sign of the Apple
  • Grier, oil merchant and regular at the Sign of the Apple
  • Ben and Tom, old men and chess players at the Sign of the Apple
  • Count Mikel Firegrail, wizard and Baron-in-exile of Irelia
  • Corin Firegrail, Mikel Firegrail's son
  • — Firegrail, Mikel Firegrail's daughter and a researcher of noble families
  • Bainbridge Harrowcourt, conjurer, research fellow at the Academy in Briswold, and member of the Moonforge Society
  • Dame Lucinda Copperknife, wizardess, librarian in the Academy's restricted section, and member of the Moonforge Society
  • Marcella —, sorceress and member of the Moonforge Society
  • Elton Rosefire, wizard, student at the Academy, and member of the Moonforge Society
  • Doña Catalina Mercedes de Merana, professor and chair at the Academy in Briswold, and accused blood mage and dark sorceress
  • Enrico de Merana, swordsman and son of Doña Merana
  • Maron, blood mage (deceased)
  • —, servant and bodyguard of Maron
  • —, aspiring apprentice of Maron
  • Ghele, dhampir and blood mage (deceased)
  • Madam Eviscera, blood mage

Gideon Al'Thor

The only offworld character to be imported from someone else's campaign to Galon, Gideon Al'Thor was Kristin Ross's psionicist/mage from LAZ's campaign world of Ronlin. Marooned on Galon after a magical accident when trying to escape from a cult who had been manipulating her since birth, Gideon found herself under the protection of Sycron the Collector. Gideon's traumatic past included the abandonment of a child to a lich, an incident which tormentsed her in her dreams and caught the attention of both LAZ's bard Aragon Saramon (see above) and the Man of Mists, Kelidno. Last we knew of Gideon, she'd discovered Sycron's collection of hibernating sentient beings in a room he told her not to enter, including an empty glass case labeled “Ronlinian human female.” She hasn't been seen for awhile.

Gimble and Rat

Gimble is perhaps the most interesting, and longest run LAZ solo. Before he became Highmoon's most emiminent sage on exotic weaponry, he was a simple bugbear with a thing for weird weapons. Wandering around trying to find more, he accidentally got stuck in a garbage wagon, where he meet his faithful companion, Rat. Rat is a talking rat who is just as sarcastic as a pixie on Prozac. He is currently residing in Highmoon, where he is (kind of) accepted for his knowledge. He currently is afraid of what may be coming, since he no longer fits in with his own kind, and has become an academician, the threat of war could upset his current position. The fall of Highmoon is a far more frightening thought to him, but he does not dwell on it. bio by LAZ

Greynor Teleric Dragonbrande

A one-time member of Third Group" class="wiki">Third Group, the so-called “Paladin of Night” has struck out on his own series of solo adventures, chronicled in short story form by LAZ. Check out the Fiction Page to see the stories of Greynor's continued adventures; the link on his name above leads to his off-site character bio by LAZ.

Kraz Shadowhider

Kraz Shadowhider is a lovable kender, as all kender are lovable. He's gone on some amazing adventures, even for a kender. Most of these have taken place in the sewer systems of Highmoon. The most notorious of these is the tiny box into the Titanic episode, which is too long and detailed to go into here, but if you really really want to know I'll tell you. First see, I was being chased by this zombie ghoul thing named Blood-Blood…(Editor's note: The preceding was edited by LAZ since this webmaster does not wish this page to be an hour and a half download.)
(bio by LAZ)

Myron the Bum

Solarius Lonlowynn

Tagnox of the Stone Hammer

T'Willic Waybinder


Tyconderoga Sampsonite

(Tyke Trek: Wildspace Nine): Tyke spent a period of six months away from his usual companions in 2nd Group, fulfilling a lifelong dream of going into warp by acting as a helmsman on the spelljamming vessel Probe II . He only recently returned from his travels, and the full story has not been documented yet.
Tyke Spelljammer Solo NPCs

  • Danelesty
  • Estriss
  • Runjoye
  • The Skonk
  • Barf

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