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Second Group

The campaign referred to as “Second Group” began one August night in 1993 in Steve Salas' basement, only a little more than two months after the birth of 1st Group. Steve, Justin and I were hanging out there and Steve wanted to try gaming, so we rolled up characters and started an entirely unplanned campaign. In its early days, Second Group was very indistinct; it used the same deities as Galon and the world was totally undefined. But from that vague beginning arose the experimental world of Kaerith, with its insular barons, intelligent orcs, and psionic elves. Second Group has gone through many changes, but its four core members– Steve's Jean-Luc Stormslayer and Tychonderoga Sampsonite, and Justin's Bono Fosbury and Prentice Koresh– have remained. They have been accompanied by a ragtag assortment of companions– an amnesiac esper, a wemic warrior, a potbellied conjurer/chef, as assassin, a scientific warrior, a mad bard, a ranger, and a variety of dwarves have joined their ranks. Together, the “Magnificent Seven” explore Kaerith's strange realms as the first Kaerithian adventuring party in our campaigns, and move with a bold agenda: to save their world from the ravages of the orcs, and end the rule of oppressive regimes in the Seven Baronies.

2nd Group-"The Magnificent Seven"

Active PC's

Name Race Occupation Home
Bono Fosbury Half-dragon Thief/Wizard Steepleton, Ghantra
Father Prentice Koresh Human Cleric of Britigit Ipmore, Ghantra
Rondax Wemic Warrior The Beastlands
Tyconderoga Sampsonite (Sgt.) Human Invoker Ghantra City, Ghantra
Sir Jean-Luc Stormslayer Human Paladin of Plon Ghantra City, Ghantra
Prince Sol Blackstar(1) Dwarven Warrior/Prince Dol Geldar, Dwarven Confederation

Former PCs

Name Race Occupation Home Current Status
Granite Armstrong Dwarven Cleric Dol Geldar, Dwarven Confederation Returned to Dwarven Confederation
Marcallis Cornugon? Human Mage/School Teacher/Cook Gorliopolis, Ghantra Accepted a position as a chef for the overweight Baron Strongwall of Tedrox; plans to open a culinary institute
"Sara Ransfeur?" Human Thief Unknown (New Braghney?) Tried to kill Bono and left the group in Serin. Whereabouts unknown
Aragon Saramon Human Bard Ghantra City, Ghantra Escaped from insane asylum in Irelia; current whereabouts are unknown
William Strongarm? "The Ox" Human Warrior Luprecinia, New Braghney Struck by eyebeams by Baron Randolph and vanished; allegedly imprisoned for espionage
Anthony Grandolin Human Ranger Ganlay Unknown - wandering in the wilderness somewhere
"Scorpion?Human Esper (?) Unknown Left comatose in Talagran after a psychic battle in the coliseum
“Jonathan Silkblade?Elven Warrior Briswold, Ganlay (claimed) unknown


Category: Followers


Category: NPCs

  • Mick Fosbury a.k.a. Calivarisan, steel dragon and horse trader
  • Symask, elder vampire
  • Imeja LoMwinn, druid of fire
  • Erelyn Deeproot, druid of earth
  • Myera, druid of water
  • Umina Oakrod, druid of air
  • Jacques Mellifleur, Ghantran Ambassador to Ganlay
  • Dame Emily Suncrest, Ganlian Ambassador to Irelia
  • Corienne Mellifleur, wife to Ambassador Mellifleur
  • Anton Nestorre, Plonite Archbishop of Briswold
  • Archbishop Gaston D'Elleviere, Keeper of the Royal Treasury of Ghantra and Plonite Archbishop of Ghantra City
  • Lorens Palestaff, Lord Chamberlain to Baron Alonsodor
  • Maliere, Ghantran minstrel
  • Nightingale, Ghantran master spy
  • Sir Bernard, Captain of the Ghantran Company of the Rod
  • Annelia Fosbury, sister of Bono
  • Rudolph von Kronig, Estivinian baronet and husband of Annelia Fosbury
  • Marquis Phillipe de Malletande, Lord of Steepleton
  • Stuart Montcris, steward of Viscount Albert's estates
  • Lady Drucilla, a noblewoman in Steepleton seduced by Bono
  • Samaris, a wizard in Steepleton who knows a Tyke magic missile
  • Lord Telliard, Earl of Tallon
  • Lady Nadine, a noblewoman of Steepleton flirted with by Tyke but rejected for insufficient evil
  • Malborge, an undead being encountered in Tarsk
  • Lorgash- barghest (the “Blue Goblin”)
  • Baron Winston Strongwall of Tedrox
  • Distefano Uzbekistan, Tyke's mentor (deceased)
  • Marcus Jethammer, mercenary
  • The Chess Master
  • Arriginnius, an Irelian historian in Ranree
  • High Theocrat Andarrs Nethenil
  • Aldus Finkley, Lord Mayor of Serin
  • Kerfle, a Serinite necromancer
  • Tullentott Grimm, a Serinite necromancer (deceased)
  • Svetlana, a Winnebagan vampire

Further Information


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Tue 14 of July, 2009 The End of the Powder blacksol
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Sat 21 of Feb., 2009 Spiders & Meeting the Resistance blacksol
Sat 21 of Feb., 2009 Franaxan Prison Break blacksol
Sat 14 of Feb., 2009 The Prisoners blacksol
Sat 14 of Feb., 2009 Mid-Summer's Eve blacksol
Sat 14 of Feb., 2009 2000 May 27 blacksol
Sat 14 of Feb., 2009 2000 May 16 blacksol
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Fri 13 of Feb., 2009 Sailing the High Seas blacksol
Fri 13 of Feb., 2009 Thiaphin's Son blacksol
Fri 13 of Feb., 2009 1995 - Yearly blacksol


Missing Information

  • Allies and Enemies
  • Prominent Localities
  • The 2nd Group Trivia Page
  • Relics and Treasures
  • The Tiny Country of Winnebago (and other political escapades)

  1. Returned to Dwarven Confederation, then summoned by Bono

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