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Orange Group


”(T)he story structure of an Orange Group session is basically the same as the structure of a Marx Brothers movie. You have your collection of NPCs who more or less present a plot and then act like Margaret Dumont: delivering straight lines and being shocked and confused while the protagonists spout nonsense and drive the plot in ridiculous ways. Often, the original plot is forgotten in favor of something more entertaining.”

- Nick, describing Orange Group(external link) in the Tower Inn livejournal community(external link).

The Tower Inn AKA Oswald's Tower AKA The Tower, Inn, Resort, Casino, Brew-pup, Microbrewery and Best Little Whorehouse in Serin

Orange Group is centered on the tower of the wizard Oswald the Conjurer, captured by Second Group" class="wiki">Second Group as the spoils of a lengthy adventure which involved cleaning up the absent wizard's pets after he vanished in a ritual to summon a demon. Deciding to turn the tower into a luxury inn, but too occupied with adventuring to settle down and do so themselves, the group decided to hire a steward to tend to the matter for them after the wizard initially left in charge of the tower turned out to be a necromancer planning to use it as a base from which to build an undead army. The steward hired was Mr. Levesque, a local enchanter of Ghantran training. Orange Group chronicles the adventures of Levesque and the friends who have joined him at the tower as they confront, not only the increasingly dangerous climate of the unstable city-state of Serin, but also the growing realization that 2nd Group did not clear the tower of all its dangers, and the fact that they themselves draw dangers of their own…

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