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Mirago Group


This Galon campaign was originally intended to be an online one, but due to lack of interest the relatively few characters created for it were launched offline, and have remained there. This swashbuckling campaign follows the adventures of a group of young women who aspire to become pirate queens, one with a twin brother who, against his will, has already become a pirate prince…

The crew of the Crimson Queen

Current Passenger

And elsewhere, hiding under a lifeboat with a bottle of rum and a wench…

  • Kieran Sunchaser (played by Stacie Chapman)


  • Priscilla Tromog, a half-orcish lady in training
  • Gwendolyn di Corci, a merchant's daughter
  • Black Ox, a disgraced pirate
  • Blue Roger, pirate king of the Princes of Meald, deceased
  • Camille Sunchaser, pirate queen of the Princes of Meald
  • – Sunchaser, harbormaster of the city of Mirago
  • Lamos, a ladies' man
  • Jar Holystone, painter of boats
  • Jam Holystone

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