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Kaerith History

The Seven Baronies were once united as the Melurbian Empire, a nation which endured for nearly a thousand years. It was sundered 53 years ago when the last king, Felderen II, attempted to impose the monotheistic worship of Tallad, god of writing, time, and the stars. The traditionally polytheistic culture of Melurbia rose up in arms, and the barons of the realm, led by the king's half-brother Alonsodor, rose in rebellion. The so-called Baron Wars lasted for five years. The barons, all magocrats (hereditary wizard-lords of great power) forged a mighty artifact, the Rod of Seven Parts(1), with which Alonsodor killed his brother. The Seven Baronies which comprised Melurbia divided, becoming independent nations. Since the Baron Wars ended, many of the original barons have fallen, and currently most of the baronies are at war with or threatened by at least one other.


  1. Note to AD&D veterans: this is the opposite of the classic rod, being an instrument of chaos rather than law.

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