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Kaerith Geography

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General Information

“Kaerith” refers to both the name of the known world of the campaign, a flat world with three known continents, and the continent upon which all existing Kaerithian campaigns are currently centered. The continent is unexplored beyond the jungles at the south of the Beastlands, the western deserts of Hlar'Vila and the Northern Ridge of Gagnerian Empire.

The Seven Baronies

The main territories comprising the former Melurbian Empire. Now separate nations, the Baronies are still the collective term for the seven strongest human nations: Estivinia, Ganlay, Ghantra, Irelia, New Braghney, Tedrox, and The Whitelands (also called the Kingdom of Berna).


The Gagnerian Empire is a vast orcish-controlled state located to the north of the Seven Baronies (bordering on New Braghney, Tedrox, Irelia, and the Whitelands), east of the Dwarven Confederation, and west of the Sarox Sea.

The Free City of Serin

The Free City of Serin is a walled city-state located in eastern Irelia and entirely surrounded by that nation.


Tarsk is a Small, mountainous border province between Ghantra and New Braghney, also bordering the Dwarven Confederation.

The Unorganized Territories

A collection of approximately 300 petty states located south of the Seven Baronies . They are collectively referred to as “unorganized” because they have never been unified and have never been a part of the Melurbian Empire as a whole, although individual states have briefly been claimed by various larger powers (including Melurbia) and occasional “empires” have appeared among them due to the ambitions of specific states and their rulers. The Unorganized Territories include a variety of religions, cultures, and forms of government. Two of the more prominent ones are ((The Talagrán Empire)) south of Estivinia and the tiny kingdom of Skant south of Ghantra , which Ghantra has attempted to claim in recent years.

The Disputed Territories

A collection of territories bordered on the north by Hlar'Vila, on the northeast by the Dwarven Confederation, on the east by Ghantra, and on the southeast by the Unorganized Territories, these lands are claimed by one or more of the Seven Baronies, but not decisively held by any in most cases(1). The only Disputed Territory that has had a significant impact on game plot is the tiny, fabled nation of Winnebago.

Notable Disputed Territories PCs

  • Teslo Rankoot

The Dwarven Confederation

A loose confederation of Dwarven city-states. There were once twelve of these city-states. However since the Gagnerian Empire declared war, three cities have fallen, one has allied with Gagneria, and one is besieged.

These city-states are as follows:
  1. Goldthorn
  2. Icegate Keep
  3. Grayaxe Hold (occupied by Gagneria)
  4. Cavecrest Ridge (besieged by Gagneria)
  5. Anhold (fallen)
  6. Ark Geldar (fallen)
  7. Nox Geldar
  8. Lockstone Keep
  9. Trueheart Forge
  10. Copperwell
  11. Dol Geldar (fallen)
  12. Silverwell (allied with Gagneria)


Hlar'Vila is the Elven homeland west of the Seven Baronies, the Disputed Territories, and the Dwarven Confederation.

The Beastlands


An Indo-Pakistani-analogue continent across the ocean from the continent of Kaerith.


An Oriental-analogue continent across the ocean from the continent of Kaerith.

  1. Although Tarsk also fits this description, it is geographically distant from the Disputed Territories, and is not considered part of them.

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