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Kaerith is the second world created for Adam's D&D campaigns. It was originally the home of Second Group, and has grown to host several other groups. Unlike Galon's mood of epic high medieval fantasy, Kaerith embodies an older time, an atmosphere of darker realism, and a more unconventional fantasy universe.

General Facts

Kaerith is a flat world (or so its inhabitants believe) with three known continents: Kaerith (where our campaign is set; the continent and the world have the same name because the word Kaerith means “The World” in the Old Melurbian language), Kawan (an Oriental realm), and Jebibistan (an Indo-Pakistani-type continent). The “known world” of Kaerith centers on the so-called Seven Baronies, a set of countries which once comprised the proud Melurbian Empire . On Kaerith, baron is the highest title of nobility, ranking above duke, and each barony is effectively an independent nation (although only three of the seven are still ruled by barons). They are temperate-climate states with European-like cultures. Kaerith's technological and cultural level is roughly Early Medieval, and women are not accorded legal equality in most baronies (except New Braghney and the Whitelands ), although they have more rights than earth women of the medieval era.

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