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My dear Archlibrarian,

In recent months, it has come to my attention that an increasing number of individuals are engagaing in an adventurous lifestyle, wandering the land in search of wealth and fame, and performing feats of derring-do. I surmise that the chaos of the Twilight Times and subsequent events has uprooted many otherwise sedentary folk and forced them into the unlikely roles of hero, bandit, or guardian. Whatever the cause, there are certainly more self-styled "adventurers" roaming the lands than I have seen since the end of the Black War. Indeed, my monitoring of other realms and worlds, worlds which are not even mentioned in the most obscure volumes of your august Library, has led me to conclude that adventure and heroism, both positive and negative, are on the rise in virtually all civilized realms on all worlds. Perhaps the gods are laying pawns in place for some grand cosmic event, or perhaps it is simply the nature of civilizations everywhere to periodically spawn courageous individuals hungry for new experiences.

But I digress. Given recent events both here in Highmoon and throughout Gregora and the neighboring states, I am of the belief that the adventuring bands which have become so prominent in recent times have great potential to influence events in our land, for better or for worse. I am sure, Archlibrarian, that you understand the need to keep a close eye on these adventurers, to ascertain that their energies are channeled to ends which serve the interests of our city and our society. I, and agents of mine both here and on other worlds, are monitoring several adventuring bands and individuals, watching their activities and gauging the impact of their deeds.

To this end, I am requesting the aid of the Library to create a repository of information on the activites of adventurers, with as comprehensive a listing as possible on the lands they visit, the deeds they perform, the enemies they face, and the resources, tools, and allies at their disposal. It would behoove us, I think, to make this repository a public one, so that adventurers themselves might contribute first-hand accounts of their activites; I have known few such individuals who would not be pleased to have their names immortalized in your great Library. In this way, we will keep a finger on the pulsebeat of the land, and perhaps be able to anticipate significant events before they occur. This project would be invaluable to the historical activites of your church and Library, and the security of Highmoon, Gregora, and indeed all of Galon as well. I am willing to contribute my aid as much as is required. Together, I feel that we can make this a successful and fruitful enterprise.

With sincere thanks,
Sycron the Collector
Lord Mage of Highmoon
4 August 687 Post-Descent

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