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Highmoon Group


Highmoon Group was officially founded in November of 1999 as a Galon campaign at Mercyhurst College. The campaign was begun more or less by accident when a solo character of Stacie's, having played once, was joined by Jason's Calarthian warrior/psionicist Al-Quaban. Highmoon Group has produced many firsts: the first psionicist, Calarthian, and noble-born PCs on Galon; the first martial artist to be played in any of Adam's campaigns; and the first campaign to be confined to a single geographic locality, the city of Highmoon.

The group's adventures have been both hilarious and dead serious, leading from impersonating ambassadors to fleeing from a powerful noble mage. The campaign is sporadic at the moment, given the geographic separation of its members, but their actions have wrought great changes on Galon's largest city and will no doubt continue to do so in the future. The group was originally intended to eventually meet with Fourth Group, but the groups' destinies have led in different directions and a meeting is unlikely anytime soon.

The Characters


  • Ines?, played by Jason Laprade


  • Lord Talion Arabane?, viscount and researcher of ancient lore
  • Sycron the Collector, Lord Mage of Highmoon
  • Lady Charity Sunriver, noble and speaker for the Diamond District on the city council
  • Lady Anastasia Sunriver, younger sister of Charity Sunriver
  • Grand Duke Anton Simerian, Phantom Prince of the Circle of the White Stone (exiled)
  • Grand Duke James Simerian, formerly known as the “Bad Thief”
  • Queen Yityopyara of the kobolds
  • William Arenthestes, a young wizard and scholar
  • Stoneclaw, a mercenary
  • Mrs. Stoneclaw, owner and proprietor of the Golden Urn Inn
  • Pam Stoneclaw, a carriage driver
  • Yop, wizard and grandson of Queen Yityopyara
  • Anolin Maracel, an elven spellsinger
  • Gyap, a kobold carriage driver
  • Father Starcurtain, a Ceridwan priest
  • Senator Remellion, speaker for Rallathil's Glen on the city council (deceased)
  • Liam mac Bride, a leprechaun
  • Madame Gianna, a gypsy and seer
  • Abic the Visionary, Captain of the City Watch and speaker for the Citadel on the city council
  • One-Eyed Harry, a beggar

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