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At the request of the people, I've added this page to enable us to get in touch with one another easily. For those of you who are in one campaign and not another, this page will also help you keep track of who goes with what campaigns and characters. If anyone doesn't want their address to be listed here, or if I've made any mistakes in character or name spelling, or if you want any other information to be posted here, let me know. Only those individuals with active characters, either solo or in one or more groups, or those with standing invitations as cameo players, have been listed. Characters who have been created but never actually played are not found here; they are listed on the Lost Campaigns page. Also, I may have inadvertently forgotten a character or two, so let me know if this has happened.

Name: Chapman, Stacie
Groups: 4th Group, Highmoon Group, Dreambook Group, cameos in 1st Group and 2nd Group, Kaerith solo characters, Faerie Group, Mirago Group, Orange Group, Club Doom
Characters: Larina Farmer, Esq. (4th group, 1st group cameos), Cordelia Terasin, Esq. (Highmoon Group, 1st group cameos), Nathalia Angell (Dreambook Group cameo, 2nd group cameo, Faerie Group), Flontara the Red (2nd group cameos, soloist, Unseelie Spelljamming One-shot, Tyke and Flontara One-Shot), Tagnox of the Stone Hammer (2nd group cameos, soloist), Kaya Sunchaser (Mirago Group, Marietta One-Shot), "Three" (Orange Group, Hades One-Shot, Short Characters One-Shot), Kieran Sunchaser (soloist), Kiana Rincondell (Dreambook Group), Elysia Sweetwater (Club Doom), Conchita (2nd Group cameo)

Name: Chappars, Amber
Groups: Orange Group, Dreambook Group, 1st Group cameo, Club Doom, Northgray Group
Characters : Alka Redtooth (Orange Group), Laecy Palithar (Dreambook Group, Unseelie Spelljamming One-shot, Short Characters One-Shot), Lumos (NPC played in 1st Group), Kalamir Todlich (Northgray Group), Nicholas and Brigit Oakenmill (Northgray Group, inactive), Ellia Tangletoes (Marietta One-Shot, Club Doom, inactive), Kerrick Agorian (Club Doom)

Name: Cryder, Justin
Groups: 1st Group, 2nd Group, 3rd Group, Florida Group, Faerie Group, the LAZ Kaerith band bus one-shot, Tone & Bono band bus one-shot, Airship Group, Kenyon Group, Lunch Group, Orange Group, Dreambook Group, Dwarf Group, Faerie Group, Club Doom, Northgray Group
Characters:Bono Fosbury (2nd group, Laz Kaerith band bus one-shot, Tone & Bono band bus one-shot, Kenyon group), Beranek Naslund (Lunch Group, deceased), Father Prentice Koresh (2nd Group), Sir Belinar Stoanskinn (1st Group), Othmar Falsdith (1st Group, deceased), Nathaniel "The Edge" Drake (1st Group), Thorton Krane (3rd Group), Myron Rymarz (Florida Group, Northgray Group, Mirago Group cameo, 3rd Group cameo, cameo in Gimble and Rat's solo, NPC appearance in Dreambook Group under the name "Romyn"), Lennon "Beetle" McCarthy (Airship Group, Florida Group, Northgray Group), Gavin Yorkshire (Orange Group, missing in action), Natasha Kournikova (Club Doom), Flood Irongate (Dwarf Group, Short Characters One-Shot), Dvorak Corbijn (Dreambook Group), Kerman Grendel (Dreambook Group), Takhomasak Jansport (Faerie Group, 2nd Group cameo)

Name: Cunningham, Lisa
Groups: Dreambook Group (no active character at present), Northgray Group
Characters: Kaila Tharsdatter (Dreambook Group, inactive), Skadi Brunhildrsdatter (Northgray Group)

Name: Davis, Adam
Groups: All (DM)
Characters: Edgar Skullbane (Dreambook Group), all NPCs in all groups unless specifically designated otherwise

Name: Davis, Wendy
Groups: Dreambook Group, Faerie Group, Mirago Group, Northgray Group, Orange Group
Characters: Amatae Winter (Dreambook Group), Nara Dillis (Faerie Group), Landrada Mirisane (Mirago Group), Eilis Corrigan (Orange Group), Marali Tahlasaryn (Northgray Group)

Name: Farrell, Chris
Groups: 1st Group, 2nd Group, 3rd Group, Florida Group, Tone & Bono band bus one-shot, High-level Group, Co-DM of Airship Group, Northgray Group
Characters: Father Derrick "Elgo," "Fat Derrick the Disco Cleric" Arrowsight (1st Group), Tone Emberbracke (1st Group, Tone & Bono band bus one-shot), Rondax (2nd Group), "Gylph" (3rd Group), Telimar (High-level Group), a nameless insane cleric of Azathoth last known as "Walrus Man" (Florida Group), Zindel the Impossible (Northgray Group, Ronlin campaigns)

Name: Focareta, Katrina
Groups: Club Doom
Characters: Tyrlora Firebourne (Club Doom), Sativa Koral (Halloween LARP 2003)

Name: Frankert, Chuck
Groups: 2nd Group, 3rd Group, Dwarf Group
Characters: Prince Sol Blackstar (2nd Group, Dwarven E-Group), Anthony Grandolin (2nd Group), Rev. Mace Hammerhand (3rd Group)

Name: Klesh, Jen
Groups: 4th Group (cameo)
Characters: Eser Brightblane (4th Group cameo)

Name: Laprade, Jason
Groups: 4th Group, Highmoon Group, Dreambook Group (no active character at present), Faerie Group
Characters: Brother Flemnore Torrenn (4th Group), Al-Quaban (Highmoon Group), "Ines" (Highmoon Group, inactive), Wilf Trendle (Dreambook Group, inactive), Teslo Rankoot (Faerie Group, Teslo and Aragon One-Shot)

Name: LAZ
Groups: 1st Group (no active character at present), 2nd Group, 3rd Group, Dwarf Group, DM of Laz Kaerith band bus one-shot, Dreambook Group (no active character at present), numerous solos
Characters: Aragon Saramon (Teslo and Aragon One-Shot, 2nd Group, retired, now soloist; NPC appearances in LAZ's campaign world of Ronlin), Granite Armstrong (2nd Group, Dwarven E-Group), Greynor Teleric Dragonbrande (3rd Group), Hannibal (1st Group, retired), Marcallis Cornugon (2nd group, retired), "Scorpion" (2nd Group), Kraz Shadowhider (soloist), "1st-level Joe" (soloist), T'Willic Waybinder (soloist), Gimble (soloist), Big Jule (soloist), Drewcatch the Useless (soloist), William "Bull" Dungham (Dreambook Group, inactive), Toumas Sinestrin (Dreambook Group, inactive), a Markiran butcher (Club Doom cameo)

Name: Mikolaj, Paul
Groups: 1st Group, 2nd Group, 3rd Group, 4th Group (cameo), Florida Group, High-level Group, Mercyhurst Earthquake Group, Northgray Group, Orange Group (cameo)
Characters: Alidin Chiherrs (1st group), Brick Aurthor (1st Group), Solarius Lonlowynn (3rd Group, soloist, 4th Group cameo, Northgray Group), William Strongarm, Esq. (2nd Group, inactive), "Sarah Ransfeur" (2nd Group, fugitive), "Jonathan Silkblade" (2nd Group), a nameless assassin (Florida Group), Sebastian Blackwall (High-level Group), Austin Knox Dimmsdale (Mercyhurst Earthquake Group), Minisia Semberly (Orange Group cameo), Arnheim van Wilder (Orange Group cameo)

Name: Morris, Melissa
Groups: 3rd Group, Kenyon Group, 1st Group cameo, 2nd Group cameo, one-shot appearances
Characters: Caelie (3rd Group), "Cappie" (Kenyon Group, 1st Group cameo), Cattivo Espirit (one-shot appearance on Kaerith), Herman (NPC played in 2nd Group cameo)

Name: Olson, Drew
Groups: 4th Group, Highmoon Group
Characters: Chris Coldwind, Esq. (4th Group), Lin Mei (Highmoon Group)

Name: Ross, Kristin
Groups: Soloist
Characters: Gideon Al'Thor (soloist, cameo in Gimble and Rat's solo campaign)

Name: Salas, Steve
Groups: 1st Group, 2nd Group, 3rd Group, 4th Group (cameo), Mercyhurst Earthquake Group, High-level Group, Co-DM of Airship Group, Orange Group, Northgray Group
Characters: Sir Jean-Luc Stormslayer (2nd Group), Tychonderoga Sampsonite (1st Group cameo, 3rd Group cameo, 2nd Group), Mohammad "Ray" Chang a.k.a Natty Bum*ppo (1st Group, on hiatus), 0-level Steve (1st Group, now undead and called "Stephen," retired and on Demiplane of Shadow, NPC controlled by Steve), Bishop Katherine Janeway (1st Group, retired; 4th Group cameos; Northgray Group; Mirago Group cameo), Dianthia Cariophylla (1st Group, retired), Dr. Rene Aberjonis (3rd Group, deceased following a period of undeath), Ambrosia Starfighter (3rd Group, retired), Emerson Thoreau a.k.a. Millard Fillmore (1st Group, leading a cult elsewhere), Avenue Boulevard a.k.a. Samual B. Dalton (Mercyhurst Earthquake Group), a nameless cleric of Circros (High-level Group), Jones (1st Group), Rene Levesque (Orange Group), Dr. Ludwig von Paine (Club Doom)

Name: Stoessel, Beth
Groups: 4th Group, Highmoon Group, Dreambook Group (no active character at present)
Characters: Sgt. Sabodan Kondran (Highmoon Group), Zree Al Wahed, Esq. (4th Group), Mother Vessia Clespren (Dreambook Group, inactive), Ytanna Lonserr (Dreambook Group, inactive)

Name: Tumuluri, Prashant
Groups: 4th Group (cameos), Dreambook Group
Characters: Morgynn Blackblade (4th Group cameo), Dirk Xavier (Dreambook Group), Eric Falcon-Friend (4th Group, cameo)

Name: Wedig, Nick
Groups: Orange Group, Marietta One-Shot
Characters: Mugwump (Orange Group), Ollie the Magic Bum (Marietta One-Shot), Nicholas and Brigit Oakenmill (Northgray Group)

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