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Galon Geography

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The Continent of Emrock

Galon has only one known continent, called Emrock, the explored portion of which is roughly the size of North and Central America. Pretty much every climate type from arctic to desert can be found there. There's a major subcontinent off the eastern coast of Emrock (a desert-and-jungle island called Vlisnurrs Slurrt) and some known island chains to the east and south, but otherwise no one knows what's across the oceans. All Galon campaigns to date have taken place primarily in the kingdom of Gregora, which is a temperate-climate nation with a long eastern coast and land (or river) borders on all other sides. Emrock is divided into several major nations.

Gregora's Neighbors

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Nations bordering on Gregora include the human empire of Bakra to the north, which has a German-like culture and cordial relations with Gregora; the hobgoblin khanate of Morodia to the northeast (hostile relations with Gregora and perpetual border skirmishes); the human kingdom of Bragenmere to the northwest, which has been compared to Canada (friendly relations with Gregora until recently, when Bragenmere was taken over by star druids; currently there are no formal relations between the two nations); the elven nation of Tulmish to the west (currently in open warfare with Gregora, as of only a few months ago in gametime); the Iron Hills to the southwest (a shifting series of small humanoid-ruled territories, hostile relations with everyone, including itself), and Calarthia to the south (a human desert kingdom with a Turkish-like culture, good relations with Gregora; it is home to the Tichus, the high priest of the Ceridwan religion). The nation is bordered to the east and southeast by the ocean, which is officially called Mendreaver's Sea. Other important nations which do not border on Gregora include Hlivin (a tiny human-ruled grand duchy north of Tulmish, which has a French-like culture and friendly if infrequent relations with Gregora), Ar'Bal (a desert nation south of Calarthia with an Arabic culture, whose relations with Gregora are primarily through trade), Nerokarot (the distant and somewhat isolationist dwarven thanedom north of Bakra), Tarjan (a tiny human kingdom bordering on Calarthia and Mendreaver's Sea, friendly to Gregora and culturally similar to ancient Phoenicia), Vlisnurrs Slurrt (an island subcontinent to the southeast of Gregora ruled by catmen), Wastrin to the north of Bragenmere (a vast swampy nation formerly ruled by black dragons, now squabbled over by primitive tribes of humans, orcs, bullywugs, and gnomes since the dragons were all killed), Sivra Har (a magical nation which exists atop a vast floating cloud and is ruled by silver dragons; its location changes with the winds, but it always relates well with Gregora) and the evil Theocracy of Zaratan, which is between Bakra and Wastrin and ruled by the priestesses of Markira. I'll try and post a map to help this all make better sense soon.

Your character may come from any of the lands listed previously except for Sivra Har or Zaratan, although if you want them to have originated outside Gregora please discuss it with me so I can let you know the background and culture of your character’s original homeland. For purposes of this campaign, I’d prefer that you avoid characters from “unknown and exotic lands located somewhere across the sea”, since I know more about what’s actually over there than you guys do. If you really feel you can’t come up with a satisfactory character from one of the listed nations, or the barbaric lands located to the north and south of the known world, let me know and we’ll work something out.

It is important to note that there is as yet no discovered Asian-like culture on Galon. Therefore, Eastern martial arts, oriental weapons, ninja, samurai, monks (of the Shao Lin and 3E varieties), and similar elements of Oriental fantasy do not exist. There are rumors of mysterious lands across the sea that may be Asian in flavor, so if you want to go sailing off looking for them I won’t stop you, but I also won't guarantee success.

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