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Fourth Group


Fourth Group was officially founded in October of 1999 as a Galon campaign at Mercyhurst College. The primeval roots of the campaign began with Fred Mayhew at the MAI field school in July 1999, but his character never actually encountered 4th group proper and has had no real role in the campaign. For ease of reference, “Fourth Group” refers to the core band of adventurers played by Stacie Davis, Jason Laprade, and Drew Olson beginning in October 1999, and now including Beth Stoessel and several aperiodic guest players. Comprised entirely of characters practicing lost, forbidden, or exotic religions and magical arts, Fourth Group's activities have been highly arcane in nature and the party has become something of an “outcast group” of basically good people whose abilities are misunderstood by society at large. The campaign's activities originally centered around the region of West Nokaria south of Silvercloud, but has recently taken the characters as far east as Bluetree and Northgray.

Fourth Group was originally considered to have a satellite branch in the city of Highmoon; the two factions were to be linked by Al'Quaban and Zree al'Wahed, who were initially created to be long-lost twin brothers. The second branch, now known as Highmoon Group, is too distinct now to be treated as anything but its own campaign. Due to the geographic separation of its members, Fourth Group has been inactive for several years.

The Characters


Cameo Players

  • Bishop Katherine Janeway
  • Solarius Lonlowynn
  • Aloysius Devedander Ambercrombie? (played by Fred Mayhew)
  • Eser Brightblane? (played by Jen Klesh)
  • Morgynn Blackblade? (played by Prashant Tumuluri)
  • Erik Falconfriend? (played by Prashant Tumuluri)
  • Tabar? (played by Patrick Becker)

Former PC's

Further Content


The Rina Limerick

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