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First Group

Welcome to the 1st Group Page. 1st group, our original AD&D campaign, began under the name “Swords and Shadows” on June 1, 1993, in Chris Farrell's kitchen. The game date was June 1, 684 PD, a historic day when a small band of six stalwart adventurers– Derrick Arrowsight and Tone Emberbrack (played by Chris Farrell), Alidin Chiherrs and Brick Aurthor (played by Paul Mikolaj), and Belinar Stoanskinn and Othmar Falsdith (played by Justin Cryder)– set out from the village of Silvercloud in search of adventure in the great City of Highmoon. They eventually made it there, but not without many detours and delays. Three years later in game time, their membership has changed many times and they have been as far afield as the Astral Plane and the pits of Hades, but five of the six original members still survive and travel together in search of glory. The activites of 1st group have changed the face of Galon – not bad for a party who only recently reached 6th level. Here you will find the chronicles of their adventures, personal information about each current and former PC, their allies, enemies, and favorite stomping grounds, and other trivia concerning this proud adventuring company. For those of you who are members of the campaign, if there's anything about the group or its activities which you want to see here, let me know.

Active PCs

Name Race Occupation Home
Brick Aurthor Elf Ranger Silvercloud, Gregora
Derrick Arrowsight Human Cleric of Ceridwah Silvercloud, Gregora
Alidin Chiherrs Elf Thief Silvercloud, Gregora
Thelron Darkhorse Elf Fighter/Necromancer Menellwon Province
Tone Emberbrack Human Mage Silvercloud, Gregora
Jones Human Archaeologist Hlivin, Grand Duchy of Hlivin
Belinar Stoanskinn Human Warrior Imar, Gregora

Former PCs

Name Race Occupation Home Status
Dianthia Cariophyla Elf Cleric of Aeros Mirago, Gregora Realized she was forbidden to be a cleric of Aeros by virtue of her race and sex and went back to Temple of Aeros in Mirago
Mohammed Chang Human Professional Drunk Here and there On hiatus while training in sumo wrestling under Master Chow
Darbis Elf Bard Cheesetown, Tulmish Missing in action during the Twilight Times
Nathaniel Drake Human Warrior Po Dunk, Gregora Remained in Menellwon Province to aid Mother Sorrowbane in defending oppressed Ceridwans
Othmar Falsdith Human Ranger Silvercloud, Gregora Killed while defending Woods Hollow from Denzinger during the Twilight Times
Hannibal Human Necromancer Bluetree, Gregora Seeking redemption from the path of evil by studying white necromancy with the Order of the White Skull in the Banshee Wastes
Bishop Katherine Janeway Human Water Elementalist/Cleric of Ceridwah Highmoon, Gregora Ordained by mail and appointed bishop of Nokaria in Northgray
Otho Raveneye Human Warrior Northlands Reported killed while attempting to escape from Arenmere Prison
0-Level Steve Human None Pleasant Hills, Pennsylvania Became Stephen, a shadow fiend, and tried to destroy party; currently on Demiplane of Shadow
Emerson Thoreau Human Kenku High Priest of Alidin “Underground” Became a cleric of Alidin after the Twilight Times; currently preaching the word of Alidin in southwestern Gregora
Denzinger Wolfe Elf Druid, later demigod Unknown Became the Starlord and Initiated the Twilight Times; vanished while battling the Wild Hunt. Presumed dead.

Further Information


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Missing Information

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  • The Twilight Times – Do not add at this time.
  • Relics and Treasures

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