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Gamers, on the whole, are creative people, and our campaigns are more so than most. 4th Group, being composed almost entirely of writers, is the best-documented campaign ever to run on Galon, and has potential to spawn a wide variety of writings. Presently, Stacie is keeping a chronicle of the events of the campaign and writing two ongoing stories of her characters, Rina and Cordelia; she is also novelizing the life of her Kaerithian fire elementalist, Flontara the Red. Laz has produced or begun several short Galon works, Justin's character bios are short stories in and of themselves, the new guestbook campaign is an ongoing story in the works, and rumors persist of a Twilight Times story by Steve involving Borg. In more recent developments, I have begun working in earnest on a series of Galon novels and short stories chronicling the adventures of 1st Group.

Fiction and poetry based on our worlds, whether directly tied to existing characters and played situations, extrapolated based on known PCs and NPCs, or entirely unrelated to any known characters but set on Galon or Kaerith, is more than welcome and in fact encouraged. This is a way for all of us to build on the worlds, leave our mark on them, and make them richer and more alive. Here, I will provide links to any writings produced which relate to Galon and Kaerith. Anyone who has played in a given campaign is free to contribute writings concerning it; anyone who has played Galon or Kaerith may write nongroup works about the world(s) they know. Be sure to get my approval before producing any work of fiction which makes permanent changes to known facts about NPCs, locations, or the nature of the world; I reserve the right to return for editing any works which lie outside continuity or are not true to the nature and known facts about the world, or list them as speculative fiction here on the page. Incidentally, any writings submitted will be worth an XP bonus, but I'm sure you guys don't need that sort of motivation.





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