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Faerie Group

This Kaerith campaign emerged during March of 2001 at Mercyhurst College. It had an impromptu beginning, when one evening Adam, Stacie, and Jason all decided they wanted to roleplay but lacked the other members of 4th Group or Highmoon Group. Both Stacie and Jason brought forth characters they had used before in solo campaigns, which were ironically the first characters they designed for a Mercyhurst Kaerith Group that was never played during freshman year, with several modifications. Faerie Group is a fun, lighthearted campaign set in the midst of an otherwise gloomy setting– orcish-occupied Berna– and the small party of good-natured rogues has made it their goal to liberate the small coastal city of Redfang (formerly Bornhem) from orcish rule, all the while contending with the complications of Nat's mischievous fae relatives.

Faerie Group NPCs

  • Aurora Angell, Natalia's mother
  • Kurt Angell, Natalia's father
  • Mr. Sloan, Kurt Angell's friend and first mate
  • Thornsparrow, faerie knight
  • Skinny Max, Nara's urchin friend
  • Mr. Vanderpetrie, a shopkeeper
  • Skidley, Nara's old friend
  • Uncle Robin Goodfellow, a.k.a. Puck
  • Aunt Titania and Uncle Oberon, faerie royalty
  • Lady Appleblossom, Sidhe duchess in the Seelie Court and Natalia's grandmother

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