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Coat of Arms

Existing Coats

House Name
House of Dragonbrande
This is Greynor Dragonbrande of 3rd Group's original family coat of arms, made by LAZ using a modified file from the Dragon Magazine CD archives. Greynor covered his shield with a coat of shellac to conceal the crest after his father became a Markiran and the family title was attained, but some of the shellac was scraped off in battle. Greynor's adventuring companion Caelie scraped away the rest to reveal the coat of arms; when Greynor discovered what she had done, he fled the party, fearful of his true identity being discovered. The formal blazon of the Greynore arms is sable, a wyvern argent reversed bearing a sword of the last (a white wyvern facing right on a black field carrying a white sword).
The House of Torrenn
This is the coat of arms of Flemnore Torrenn, the half-orcish cleric from 4th Group, made by Jason from scratch. Flem was awarded the coat of arms, as well as the keys to the city of Bluetree, in honor of his and 4th Group's efforts in saving the city from the Sabaist/elven alliance and exposing said alliance to the Gregoran government. Flem's allies were all granted squireage for their efforts; he, being a half-orc, was ineligible for such a title, but is now one of only three armigerous half-orcs on record in Gregoran history. Arms granted to nonhumans are usually on a circular shield rather than the classic shield-shape of typical arms, and Flem's are no exception; I have not yet fully blazoned them since as far as I know there is no protocol for blazoning round shields. For a complete explanation of its symbolism, click on the coat of arms itself.
The House of Kinsley
These are the arms of the House of Kinsley, a minor noble family from the city of Highmoon on Galon. Baron Kinsley was granted his title for meritous service during the Black War. I have not yet blazoned these arms, which are a traditional British coat associated with the Kinsley name, found by me in the BLAZONS! database.
The House of Loraz (unrecognized)
This is the coat of arms of "El Dorado Loraz," the short-lived Calarthian Ambassador to Highmoon, made by Jason from scratch. Loraz, in fact, was actuallyAl-Quaban of Highmoon Group, who was posing as an ambassador in order to infiltrate a high-society gathering. His duplicity went too far, however, and he soon found himself embroiled in the new identity. Forced to cover his tracks, Al-Quaban claimed that his heraldic regalia had been lost en route to Highmoon from Calarthia, and the Lord Mayor promptly sent him to the College of Heralds to have a proper coat of arms fashioned. Al-Quaban, inexperienced with heraldry, improvised a blazon, resulting in the arms presented here. His original request called for the positions of the cross and water drop to be reversed, but the College of Heralds refused to put a holy symbol at the bottom, and reversed them; this change has given the device the nickname "The Incontinent Bird of Calarthia." Al-Quaban faked the death of El-Dorado Loraz a short time later, so the false coat of arms has fallen out of use. The arms shown here are on a circle, but the arms in practice are placed on a proper shield. The formal blazon of the Loraz arms is argent, a falcon displayed sable, bearing in sinister four arrows proper plumed azure, in dexter a double-headed flail proper hafted bendwise argent and azure, in chief a Ceridwan cross azure, in base a water droplet azure (a black eagle with wings spread on a white field, holding four arrows with blue plumes in its right claw and a double-headed flail with alternating white and blue stripes, a blue Ceridwan cross above the eagle, a blue water droplet beneath). Jason designed this coat himself.
The House of Mirisane
These are the arms of the Mirisanes, a wealthy gentry family with extensive holdings outside the city of Mirago. I have not blazoned them yet. Landrada Mirisane, the swashbuckling rogue from Mirago Group, is permitted under heraldic law for females to bear the family arms on a lozenge, but not on a shield. Wendy designed these arms herself.
House of Al-Wahed
Like the rest of 4th Group, Zree was granted arms and a squireage for his service to Bluetree in helping defeat the Sabaists. These are his arms, as Beth designed them; I haven't blazoned them as yet because I don't know the colors and I'm not entirely sure if all the devices are legal.
The House of Brevar
These are the arms of Sir Allen, an NPC and semi-retired Knight of the Sun who rules the Nokarian town of Brevar. A former adventurer and champion of Ceridwah, Sir Allen was granted his knighthood and arms for meritous service to the goddess during the Black War. The arms are formally blazoned as follows: Per pale azure and gules, a horse rampant azure, in chief a sunburst or. These arms were designed by me.
House of Blackstar
The arms of Prince Sol Blackstar of Dol Geldar are displayed to the left. These arms have been passed down through the Blackstar family from one generation to the next without change. They can not be officially emblazoned by the human heralds as the two sets of standards are completely incompatible.

Armigerous PCs



Active Sir Belinar Stoanskinn, Father Derrick Arrowsight (old family arms), Jones (eligible due to doctorate), Brick Aurthor (father's Gregoran military arms from Black War). Note that Brick's father's coat of arms may have been nullified since he returned to Tulmish, and Samuel Aurthor probably bears a reactivated elven crest now which Brick could legitimately carry. All other members of the party are theoretically eligible to become armigers if they do something cool, but Alidin and Thelron may not be for much longer due to their elfhood, at least in Gregora. Inactive Bishop Katherine Janeway (who may bear both a personal coat of arms and the ecclesiastical coat of the Church of Ceridwah in Northgray). Of the former members of 1st group, only Ray and Dianthia Cariophyla are theoretically eligible to be granted a coat of arms, although Othmar could be granted one posthumously for his deeds in Bragenmere if a legitimate regime ever returns to that nation. Emerson Thoreau is disqualified on the basis of his race.


Active Sir Jean-Luc Stormslayer (may bear both a personal coat of arms and the national coat of arms of Ghantra). Anyone in the group who is formally designated a servant of Jean-Luc may bear his coat of arms on livery. Tyke, now an honorary seargent in the Ghantran army, may bear the arms of his unit, if her ever joins one. Anthony Grandolin may be armigerous, depending on his history. Rondax, Jonathan Silkblade, Bono , and Prentice may not gain personal coats of arms (due to lack of humanity for the first two, renounced citizenship, and the refusal of Britigines to accept such honors from authorities, resepctively), but Scorpion (depending on his past) and Tyke are theoretically eligible to become armigers. Inactive: The Honorable William Strongarm (family crest)is certainly armigerous. Sarah Ransfeur may or may not bear a coat of arms. Granite Armstrong, as a cleric of the dead, is ineligible. Marcallis, and, horribly, Aragon , may be eligible, but I'm not sure if Aragon is a citizen anywhere.


The general lack of developed histories for the members of this party makes determining armigerosity difficult. Greynor once had a coat of arms, but it has been nullified along with his family title. Dr. Rene Aberjonis, if he actually had a legitimate doctorate in any academic or magical field, would also have a coat of arms, as would Rev. Mace Hammerhand. Natalia Olson, an elven Amazon, is probably ineligible, as is Gylph, a gnome. Thorton Krane, Caelie, and Solarius Lonlowynn might theoretically have them somewhere in their families' pasts, but this has not been revealed; there is no reason why they would not be eligible to receive them later (with the possible exception in Thorton's case of his disembodied nature and cult associations, and Solarius' race in the anti-elven climate of the regime).


All current members of 4th group ( Chris , Flem (coat of arms shown above), Rina , and Zree ) are armigers. None of the inactive characters are known armigers, although Tabar's history is unrevealed.


In Highmoon, Al-Quaban may have a coat of arms from his father (if he had one), and also has the arms of Al-Dorado Loraz, if he dares to use it. Cordelia Terasin, until fairly recently, was eligible to carry the arms of the House of Terasin and a modified lozenge form of that of the House of Arabane. Sabodan may have been eligible by birth (I don't recall his father's occupation), and also bore the arms of the House of Arabane for the tenure of his employment there; as a member of the Bragenmerian Army, he once bore the arms of his military unit, but resigned his commission as only a seargent and therefore cannot do so any more. Lin , being a foreigner, probably has no concept of such a thing. Ines is a gnome and therefore ineligible.


Nara Dillis and Teslo Rankoot are not armigers, but are certainly eligible to be (although Nara has a long way to go if she wants to be granted arms...). Natalia Anjell is eligible to bear faerie arms, but those are generally an overt statement of a heritage most Kaerithians find suspicious, and thus not necessarily wise to haul around in human company. Tak is not known to be an armiger, but in theory nothing is preventing him from becoming one.


Of the current members, none are presently known to be armigers, but all are theoretically eligible except Alka (female orcs are not granted arms) and Mugwump (goblins are not permitted to bear arms). Mugwump may, however, be able to bear a tribal battle symbol, which varies from tribe to tribe in its expression. Three's heritage, being a mystery, may potentially contain armigerosity.


Ludwig von Paine is an armiger, and anyone designated a servant by him may bear his arms on livery. None of the other characters are currently known to be armigers, but all current and former PCs are theoretically eligible to become armigers with the right deeds.

Kaerith_Dreambook Campaign

Little is known about the background of any of the characters in this campaign as yet, so it's entirely possibly that any of them might be armigerous, or even nobility. Laecy has betrayed some sort of wealthy origins, and likely has a coat of arms; Kiana, Amatae, and Edgar have also both spoken vaguely of wealthy background, which usually include a grant of arms. Toumas Sinestrin's brief post indicates nobility, and therefore he is an armiger unless his name has been in some way disgraced. Dvorak's history indicates that he is unlikely to be an armiger, and his nationality remains in question, so it is doubtful anyone will grant him arms anytime soon. Heineken the Wererat cannot be an armiger due to his race. Kaila Tharsdatter and Vessia Clesprin, who, as clerics of Britigit, are forbidden by the strictures of the church to accept such honors from the state and therefore cannot become armigers. Kerman Grendel, as a former paladin, has most likely lost the right to bear arms as well. Romyn the Bum is certainly not armigerous. The backgrounds of Wilf Trendle, Ytanna Lonserr, Dirk Xavier, Oswald Potemkin, and Bull Dunham are little known at this point, so their armigerosity cannot be reliably determined.


Outside the main groups : Cataloging these is going to be difficult, since there are so many soloists and retired characters, but I'll do my best. Right now, I can say with confidence that the following soloists and retired/inactive characters (organized by player) are ineligible to become armigers, with the reason listed in parentheses: LAZ Kraz Shadowhider (race), T'Willic Waybinder (race and foreign origin), Gimble (race), 1st-level Joe (betrayal of character concept if granted), Big Jule (off-world); Stacie Tagnox (race and lack of citizenship), Conchita (race); Chris the cleric of Azathoth (obvious reasons); Melissa Cappie (race); Prashant Morgynn Blackblade (bladesingers may never bear a coat of arms); Steve "0-level" Steve, aka Stephen (undead aren't granted coats of arms).

The following miscellaneous characters may potentially be armigers if their (presently unknown) backgrounds dictate such: Stacie Flontara the Red; Justin Beranek Naslund; Chris Telimar, Zindel the Impossible; Paul the Florida Group assassin, Sebastian Blackwall, Austin Knox Dimmsdale, Arnheim van Wilder, Minesia Semberly; Kristin Gideon Al'Thor (although her coat of arms, if any, would be Ronlinian rather than Galonian); Steve the high-level group cleric, Avenue Boulevard (aka Samuel B. Dalton); Jen Eser Brightblane.

The following miscellaneous characters are known not to be armigerous, but may theoretically be eligible to become so in the future: Justin Lennon "Beetle" McCarthy , Myron Rymarz (unlikely, but even a bum can dream, right?); Jason Teslo Rankoot.

If your character is not an armiger at present, you can become one by doing something worthy of being rewarded with a coat of arms by someone in authority. In general, the easiet way to do that is to perform a valorous deed and receive the coat of arms as a reward, sometimes accompanied by a title such as a squireage (see Titles and forms of address for details). If you become wealthy or prominent enough to be considered a gentleman/gentlewoman, or marry someone that prominent, you may also receive a coat of arms. Finally, by joining the military or serving under an individual with a coat of arms, you gain the right to bear that coat of arms yourself.

A note to those whose characters are listed as ineligible: fear not. Many of you have other traditions instead; wemics paint their shields before major battles with gnolls, bladesingers have tattooes of their totem animals, and Britigines sometimes carry scarred or defaced versions of the coats of arms of authorities when fighting them. As for those disqualified by race or other such factors...well, if you do something cool enough and you really want a coat of arms, you might be able to persuade the College of Heralds to make an exception for you. Flem, 4th Group's half-orcish cleric, recently became only the third armigerous member of his race in Gregoran history.

Coats of arms are carried in a variety of forms, including those on a pennant (for non-knights) or banner (for knights) or on a shield or tabard. These are the traditional forms taken into battle, and constitute the right to "bear arms" conferred by armigerosity. The coat of arms may also be featured on a brooch, pendant, signet ring, tattoo, wall hanging, stationary, gate or door, animal brand, flag, horse barding, weapon hilt or blade, plaque, scroll, carriage, or servant's livery. Armigers have the right to call their family "the House of last name" and pass their coat of arms to a child in good standing; the family will be recorded thereafter by the College of Heralds.

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