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Club Doom

Club Doom was a Galon campaign that ran from January 2003 to August 2010. Sycron the Collector, Lord Mage of Highmoon, has gathered unto himself several dozen young, unproven individuals of adventurous spirit, divided them into bands, and charged them with performing a variety of challenges in competition with one another. This great competition promises to provide all involved with grand opportunities for exploration, adventure, and the advancement of their personal skills, all in the name of the heroic tradition. And, to the victors, the promise of wealth, fame, power, and glory awaits.

But despite Lord Sycron's intentions, or perhaps because of them, not all of his “heroes” are exactly hero material. Some, in fact, are downright anti-heros. And some take the concept of heroism and turn it on its ear, and try something else altogether in the context of the great challenge.

This brings us to Club Doom, the Diet Coke of Evil. When the original group got too large, New Warriors was formed as a 2nd group participating in the challenge.

Club Doom's last remaining members, Elysia Sweetwater and ((Thunderin' John Gravestone)), retired from the challenge after the resolution of the Crimson Rasp arc. Kerrick Agorian, in the guise of the Marquis de Vallyne, appeared at the subsequent challenge wrap-up to receive congratulations for the group's exploits.

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